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Introduction to Vigilex

As Europe`s first Contract Safety Surveillance Organisation (CSO), Vigilex recognises that, in the ever-changing landscape of regulatory requirements for products under development (pre-authorisation) and authorised products (post-authorisation), patient safety and compliance are key to the industry.

As VIGILance EXperts for over 16 years, the Vigilex group of companies is a specialist provider with a strong portfolio of pharmacovigilance and related services.  Since 2013 we are part of the Xendo group, and as such can provide a broad range of services next to our pharmacovigilance services. Being client-focussed, flexible and committed to high quality standards are vital ingredients to our success.

Our client base is drawn from large, medium-sized and small pharmaceutical companies, both global and local, including innovative, biotech and generics companies. Vigilex serves clients from several bases in Europe and from Japan.

Vigilex pursues non-exclusive partnerships in specialist areas where we feel clients may benefit.

Vigilex maintains a sound Quality Management System, ensuring that all activities conducted for and on behalf of clients are in line with international, European and national standards.

For information about the Xendo group: http://www.xendo.com

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